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Therapeutic Massage by Renata

I specialize in energy infused therapeutic massage that alleviates pain and restores healthy mobility in your body, while at the same time greatly reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

Is pain or stress keeping you from the activities you love?

I can help. My name is Renata Cieslak and I’m a licensed Independent Massage Therapist practicing full-time in Las Vegas since 1991. I have treated patients with all types of chronic pain and I have had especially great results with the following:

Numbers speak

With my extensive education, years and years of practice, huge heart
and skillful and caring hands, I get results.

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years of experience

Practicing full-time in Las Vegas since 1991.

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happy clients
I have treated so many patients over the years with all types of chronic pain with great results.
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Techniques and Modalities
In my massage practice I incorporate a variety of techniques to provide the best results.


Have you got issues with your tissues? If so, your cells have most likely lost some of their coherence, balance, vitality and health and are no longer operating in harmony with one another at the level they once did.

Let me use my skills to reeducate your tissues, to shift the imprinted memory of an accident, or physical and emotional drama, to what is more beneficial state of being.

Your Body Feels Better You Feel Better!

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What my clients
say about me

I could not speak more highly of Renata. I am a physician credentialed in various soft tissue techniques. Renata knows the body better than most medical professionals. That is because she was a PT prior to going full time as a LMT. Her knowledge and skill are far superior than most. She is professional and personable with all she does. When you first walk in she presents you literature (evidence based and biography) to read while she prepares the room. Whether you need relief of mental and/or physical stress, Renata will kill two birds with one stone. When I left I told her, “this is what Olympic level athletes deserve.” Try Renata once and I doubt you look any further for what your body needs. Thank you Renata!
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Chris R
My first massage with Renata was like nothing I ever experienced. I had an ankle injury and she did an impromptu healing on me and I could feel so much energy. It was absolutely amazing and I felt wonderful the next day! I highly recommend Renata to anyone who might be seeking a true healer.
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Kelly K
Development Logistics
I’ve been to a lot of message therapists and Renata is by far the best that I have ever been to! To tell you about myself, I am a 35 year old former athlete and fitness enthusiast. I visit with an LMT about once a month to prevent sports injuries and to stay moving right. Renata is a former athlete herself and knows how to target the areas that are over worked and over trained. I highly recommend her to someone who wants to prevent and relieve muscle tightness and increase mobility. Thanks Renata, I can’t wait to see you again!
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Renata has been my massage therapist for over 20 years. Before her, I have experienced other massage therapists. There is no comparison. Renata is by far the finest massage therapist I have ever experienced. She is unique in that she combines her background as a physical therapist and massage therapist to produce outstanding results for her patients. I intend to utilize her services as a massage therapist forever. I know I am in the best of hands with Renata!
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Keith E. G. Jr
20+ Year Customer
Renata is one of the few massage therapists that really takes the time to get to know you, understand your lifestyle and physical makeup/problem areas to then deliver the best, most therapeutic, and personalized massage experiences I have ever had, and surely the best in Las Vegas. She takes the time to get to the root of the issue, helps you understand why its happening and what you can do to help yourself in the future. Renata truly cares about your personal massage therapy and wants to see that it is helping you both physically and mentally. As a person who has a difficult time relaxing, Renata is one of the only therapists to help me truly relax and find some recovery from the strenuous conditions of a busy everyday life. I would recommend Renata to anyone asking for a great massage therapist.
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M. Fehrman
I have been to many massage therapist through the years but can truly say that Renata is by far the best I’ve known. She knows intuitively where to work and her techniques are incredible. She’s the only person I recommend!
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Rebecca M
Nextdoor Review

Are you ready to recharge, relax, de-stress, or just feel better?

Sessions with me will get you in touch with your own body, bring you awareness about your own health, and learn importance of it. And we both will ask your tissue, and your body to allow the healing. We will reeducate it… to what is a more beneficial state of being, existing, operating, communicating!

Let’s create some MAGIC!