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About Me

Renata Cieslak - NVMT. 1746

My Name Is Renata Cieslak And I’m A Licensed Independent Massage Therapist Practicing Full-Time In Las Vegas Since 1991.

I have worked with athletes from a variety of professional sports including golf, football, hockey, volleyball, body building, boxing and bowling as well as many professional performers, gymnasts and acrobats. As a former athlete (Polish National Acrobatic Gymnastics Team) and University trained Physical Therapist I bring a very unique approach to increase well being of my clients and keep them at peak performance.

The same principles that guide my work with athletes goes into my massages for every client. I use a range of techniques that are personalized to the individual to create the most beneficial results. Whether your interested in pain relief, increasing flexibility, stress and anxiety relief, or an athlete looking to improve performance, then I can tailor treatments and techniques to help you.

As someone who is active (I mountain bike, ski and dance the Argentine Tango) I know that an active lifestyle leads to occasional aches, pains and soft tissue injuries. Left untreated these can often keep us from the activities we enjoy. If you’ve experienced this I can help. By bringing a broad and holistic approach to healthy living I can show you how to not only treat injuries, but how to prevent them through a variety of techniques from stretching to improving diet to breathing exercises and energy healing.

Continuing education in the evolving techniques of mind and body healing allow me to offer the latest techniques to help improve the lives of my clients. One of the new techniques is RRT, Rapid Release Therapy, a breakthrough in therapeutic technology. I believe it helps tremendously in eliminating pain, and increasing range of motion by quickly and painlessly breaking up scar tissue structure and eliminating adhesions. I’m happy to be the first person in Las Vegas using this cutting edge technology. In a short time working with this new therapy I have already achieved great results for clients with carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder syndrome.


I am affiliated with several associations and technology.

Rapid Release Technology
Renata Gymnastics
Renata Skiing

Are you ready to recharge, relax, de-stress, or just feel better?

Sessions with me will get you in touch with your own body, bring you awareness about your own health, and learn importance of it. And we both will ask your tissue, and your body to allow the healing. We will reeducate it… to what is a more beneficial state of being, existing, operating, communicating!

Let’s create some MAGIC!